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Onsite/Remote Geosteering

A Core Competency of NESET

NESET was founded by geologist Kathleen Neset in 1980 with a focus on logging the well bores as they were being drilled within the Williston Basin. Initial targeted formation was the Middle Bakken, a dolomitic siltstone formation sandwiched between two oil generating shale layers that serve as the source rock for both the Bakken and Three Forks pay zones.

The Three Forks Formation has since become an equally productive source for oil and gas wells. As the oilfield has developed and matured, the need to drill more precise wells has increased significantly. NESET is skilled with multiple geosteering products to include SES, Terra Vu, Boresight,and has recently incorporated StarSteer into our geo-steering services.

Targeting the Bakken System presents its own challenges, but as more wells are drilled per section, drilling infill wells requires more and more precision as proximity becomes not only an issue while drilling but also during fracking operations. NESET maintains an “in house” geo-steering center manned by some of our most experienced geologists using an array of geosteering software systems. The NESET geo-steering center oversees and coordinates with our “on location” mudlogging teams to keep the well bore within the prescribed parameters dictated by the well plan.