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NESET offers teams who specialize in Mudlogging and Wellsite services. Our teams are highly experienced in the Williston Basin, along with many other fields in the United States. NESET has serviced the Williston Basin and beyond for more than 40 years.

Mudlogging and Wellsite Services include:

  • 24/7 team of two geologists and/or highly skilled mudloggers assigned to a rig
  • WellSight Systems logging software utilized to create a mudlog which represents the data collected by the geologists and mudloggers
  • Customizable data curves for your mudlog (Gas, Gamma, ROP, and other parameters)
  • Proprietary well tracker used to manage drilling data and reports
  • Sample collection at designated intervals and archived for the ND Department of Mineral Resources and for operator if requested
  • Analyzing the rock type by using a microscope and fluoroscope to evaluate the porosity and hydrocarbon shows
  • Continuous Real-Time data monitoring is customizable and includes gas readings, rate of penetration of the drill bit, gamma readings, and more
  • Customizable daily reporting (morning, afternoon, evening or as directed)
  • 24/7 communications with the Operator’s Geoscience team and the MWD Field Technician, Directional Driller, and Company Man
  • Geology End of Well Report on every well and distributed to ND Department of Mineral Resources and the operator