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Neset Consulting Service originated in 1980 when Roy and Kathy Neset incorporated their oilfield talents to start Neset Enterprises as an oilfield consulting business providing drilling, production, and geology services to the oil industry.

Roy brought to the concept his knowledge of drilling and completion work from experience gained while working as roughneck, tool pusher, core hand, and fishing tool hand from North Dakota to California.  Roy proudly attended the “school of hard knocks” beginning his oilfield career in 1964 after leaving Tioga High School.  Kathy, a New Jersey native, obtained a BA in geology from Brown University and began her oilfield career in Michigan working as a seismologist.  The oilfield then brought Kathy on a path from Texas to Wyoming and eventually to North Dakota working as a mudlogger. Roy and Kathy met in the summer of 1979 when they were both working on a rig southeast of Bismarck, North Dakota. Neset Consulting Service eventually was created as a consulting business to the oil industry.  Tioga, North Dakota, Roy’s hometown and family homestead, served as the headquarters until 2003 when the office was moved from the farm to the town of Tioga where NCS is currently based.

Early operations engaged Roy as wellsite supervisor on both drilling and completion operations and Kathy working as the wellsite geologist.  Many drilling opportunities allowed Roy and Kathy to work together as a wellsite team on the same drilling rig.  During the early 1980’s RC and Randy Neset were born – beginning their oilfield careers at an early age.  The oilfield was a different environment at the time and RC and Randy grew up at the rig sites – becoming geologist and engineer helpers during their grade school and high school years.  After high school RC attended NDSCS, where he attained his degree in welding. He then transferred to Minot State University where he received a BA in Geology. RC is the VP of Geology & Instrumentation, and he currently supervises the gas detection division of Neset Consulting Service. Randy attended NDSU before transferring to Montana Tech where he achieved his BS in Petroleum Engineering. Randy is the VP of Engineering and married Melissa Polglaze in July of 2012. They have 2 sons Luke and Cason and 1 daughter Mia. From 1979 to 2006 Kathy Neset worked onsite as a wellsite geologist. She is currently president of NCS – lending her twenty seven years of field experience to the support of the wellsite crews as she continues in her oil industry career.

Currently, Neset Consulting Service Inc. provides wellsite geology and mudlogging teams working primarily in the Williston Basin.  Services are also provided in Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota and can mobilize to any basin requested.   These crews are educated, trained, and skilled geo-steering wellsite geologists and loggers.  They provide onsite technical geological data to the operator and its office geology team using the latest technology available.  These crews are supplemented with full-service gas detection equipment that is managed by RC Neset and his team of trained and skilled gas technicians.