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Project Management/General Drilling Contractor

A Proven Track Record of Success

Primarily focused on the geology specifically affecting oil production in the Williston Basin, NESET provides an experienced Project Management/General Drilling Contractor Team skilled in every aspect of oil field operations. Our team has designed, permitted, drilled, completed, and produced Bakken/Three Forks, Red River, Mission Canyon, and Inyan Kara wells with laterals ranging in length from one to three miles. 

NESET has also drilled vertical strat test wells as part of CCUS reservoir characterization programs.  We have drilled, cored, and logged many wells to the Precambrian formation.  NESET has cored and evaluated over 7,000’ of rock in the Williston Basin.

We can manage any project from the start to finish. Our engineers can evaluate your field or acreage, maximize your production, design and permit new wells, develop an AFE, and supervise operations while closely monitoring your costs and budget.
All aspects of a project need to be properly managed and accounted for, including
financial management and vendor management.  NESET’s administrative team possesses the capabilities and experience to ensure financial and logistical challenges are current and organized.  As part of our service package, NESET can do full vendor and financial management for the project, including all associated AR and AP.  Our Project Management/General Drilling Contractor services include the following
  • Interface with client
  • Well & Engineering design
  • Geoprog development
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Preparation & Submittal of permits
  • Operator of Record
  • Development of procedures
  • Gantt chart development
  • AFE Development
  • Vendor Management
  • Competitive bid process
  • Vendor selection
  • Payment of vendors
  • Supervision of operations
  • Regulatory Management