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Leak Detection and Repair/Optical Gas Imaging

NESET owns and operates two FLIR G-Series cameras. Primarily for the use of detecting gas leaks on oil and gas production facilities, as well as pipelines and gas plants. NESET’s FLIR camera operators are Certified Optical Gas Imaging Thermographers who are formally trained and skilled in the use of these cameras specializing in gas leak identification.

Additionally, NESET has an “in-house” remediation team that can resolve many leaks as they are detected. This provides our clients with a “one stop” option that combines video footage of the initial leak followed by remediation and immediate follow up validation video and reports of the resolution.

Optical Gas Imaging Features

  • Intrinsically Safe Design
  • Hazardous Location Compliant
  • Proven Gas Detection Technology
  • Temperature Calibrated for Better Contrast
  • Camera Visualizes over 400 Gases
    • Including: Methane, Ethane, Propane, Ethanol, Propylene, Butane, Octane, Hexane, Xylene, Heptane, Benzene, Ethylbenzene, and many more.
  • Detects Even the Smallest Concentrations
  • Fast Than Traditional Methods