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Kathleen Neset concludes term as Chairman of the North Dakota Petroleum Council

Posted: Oct 19 2021
Image about Kathleen Neset concludes term as Chairman of the North Dakota Petroleum Council
“After a year of most of our events being canceled or moving to virtual-only, it was wonderful to welcome everyone back to the North Dakota Petroleum Council’s 40th Annual Meeting! We are an industry that thrives on personal connections, and it was so exciting to bring everyone together for face-to-face networking and to learn more about the technological, innovative, and regulatory changes that will help move our industry forward in the coming year.
It has been a tumultuous two years since we last gathered. Our industry has faced many challenges and changes, from the global COVID-19 pandemic to a new administration that is implementing policies that have reversed the tremendous progress we made in helping our nation become more energy independent. But, as we have learned over our industry and the NDPC’s long history, it is that our industry is a resilient one. We have continued to face these challenges head-on, continued to innovate, and we are once again continuing to grow. This is because of the hard-working men and women like you who continue to strive and persevere, and for that, we thank you.

It has been my honor to serve as the Chairman of the NDPC board for the past two years and I look forward to continuing my involvement as a board member. At NESE
T, we are proud to be part of this organization. The NDPC has been a tireless advocate for the industry ever since the first well was drilled here in 1951. We’ve faced some difficult times over the years, but today, the Bakken is strong as ever. On behalf of the NDPC Board and staff, I want to thank you for your support. Participation in events like our Annual Meeting, PAC golf tournaments, and North Dakota Petroleum Foundation programs have helped take our association and industry to the next level.

It was my privilege to hand the reins over to the new Board Chairman, Lawrence Bender. Lawrence has been a tremendous advocate for the industry over the years, and we’re looking forward to seeing him continue and build upon the NDPC’s successes during his tenure in the next two years.