NEW ! Geo Steering Program

NEW ! Geo Steering Program
July 1, 2016 Jamie

Advanced Geo-Steering. When you need it. How you need it.

As the oil field continues to change. So will we.

In Addition to our mudlogging services we now offer 100% remote geo-steering to further augment out existing services.

With oil continually fluctuating we understand the need of value and efficiency. Outsourcing can be an outstanding way to lower cost and as always NCS has raised the bar meet our clients needs. We allow for any combination of services.


We used the Latest SES  geo-steering soft ware combined with a proprietary NCS Well tracker to make sure communications and geological navigation is clear, concise and efficient. Based out of the main office in Tioga, ND and with 40 years experience, not only do we have the knowledge and skill, but any part of the Williston Basin is within our grasp of 3 hours or less (80% less than 1.5 hours). This allows us the luxury to be on location when needed in an efficient manor.

¨ Accommodating to preferred  communications and steering platforms

¨ 24 hour real time geo-steering analysis

¨ Well prognosis , Onsite support  anywhere in the Williston Basin if required

¨ Derived lateral well planning, Final comprehensive well summary and well data in virtually any format preferred  by client

¨ New vertical and horizontal hole deviation logs for production  and completion , An extensive database of wells 

¨ Able to derive weighted averages of offset well structures to maximize in zone drilling

¨ Allow directional drillers a look ahead with lateral planning integrating nearby offsets