July 1, 2016 Jamie

Neset Consulting Services is ever evolving as we continually strive to create values for our customers.

At the heart of our business is a deep seeded knowledge behind the geology of the Wiliston basin. Our Primary service continues to offer superior mudlogging services with one or two man crews utilizing the Wellsight horizontal and vertical mud logs.

However, as the oil field technology allows for faster, more efficient wells, we too have evolved. Neset Consulting services has continually expanded its service to meet the changing needs of our clients. Some of our other services we provide include: 24 hour Geo steering utilizing the SES steering platform as well as the proprietary NCS well Tracker, Complete rigging up and down of chromatography gas detection with the proprietary M16 chromatograph. (we can also use the detection device of you choice), leak detection and reporting, pre-spud well prognosis, disposal well planning, and core sample analysis.

We also carry the capacity to collaborate or independently carry out the complete reservoir, production, drilling, and completions engineering. This includes fracking, well analysis, work over consulting, well planning, and more.

As we continue to grow we have also gone above an beyond at the request of our clients to include services such as pumping, IP analytic’s.

At Neset Consulting we understand the needs of our clients both large and small. While some partners will need extensive services, others will only particular services.

It is our flexibility that has allowed us to flourish in good times and bad. Within that flexibility is our ability to offer packages in any configuration needed to meet the goals of our clients and a la carte services alike.

Although Neset Consulting Services is located in the Williston Basin our knowledge far exceeds our geographical location. Other basins include, the DJ, Permian, Utica, Powder River, and Red River, among others.