July 1, 2016 Jamie

Completion Engineering:

  • -  Modeling completion performance.
  • -  Preparing cost estimates and minimizing risk
  • -  Optimizing completion and workover designs and operations
  • -  Designing horizontal and multilateral wells such as: plug and perf, sleeves, hybrid, and re-fracs
  • -  Evaluate what type of frac fluid or fluid system is the most feasible by doing comparisons of offset logs, working with geology
  •    dept, and working with service companies to meet the client’s      needs
  • -  Make the Frac Design when necessary and work with clients and service companies on best design for area of interest
  • -  Determining primary and remedial cementing procedures along with the design and installation of tubulars, packers,
  •    subsurface control and surveillance equipment
  • -  Evaluating and selecting appropriate equipment to achieve completion objectives based on equipment pricing, capability,
  •    availability, and safety
  • -  Preparing cost estimates and assessing risk in terms of probability and potential remedies
  • -  Supervise completion and workover operations.